Boom! Roasted. Finish these quotes from The Office!

We bet you think you know these quotes from The Office. See if you know your stuff!

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"And I knew exactly what to do. But in a more real sense, ___________"

1. "I had no idea what to do."
2. "I hit Meredith with my car. Sue me."
3. "I knew what I must do would be impossible."
4. "I was completely out of control."
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"What an awesome party. The best wedding I have ever been to. I got six numbers. ________"

1. "They were all sisters."
2. "One of them is all 5s."
3. "One from each girl."
4. "One more would have been a complete telephone number."
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"I'm not superstitious, ____________"

1. "But I am a little stitious."
2. "but I do know that aliens exist–Toby, for example."
3. "I'm not sure what that even means."
4. "but I'm pretty sure Creed is like 150 years old."
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"Fool me once, strike one. _____________"

1. "Ball 1. Ball 2. Fastball up the middle and.... TOUCHDOWN!"
2. "Fool me twice, Strike Three."
3. "Fool me a second time, and you're out."
4. "Fool me twice. You can't fool me again."
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"The doctor said if I can't find a new way to more positively relate to my surroundings, I'm going to die. *long pause* __________"

1. "This place is going to kill me."
2. "I would rather die."
3. "This office is going to be the last thing I see."
4. "I'm going to die."

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Boom! Roasted. Finish these quotes from The Office!

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